Meet The Coaches Coach: Dave West

Dave West

Dave's been surfing the beautiful beaches of Sydney Australia since he was old enough to walk. Dave moved to Austin in 2011 with his wife and has once again found his place on the wave with Austin Wakesurf. His passion for surfing and easy going attitude reflects in his positive wakesurf coaching, and you can see how he really enjoys helping people experience the thrill of riding a wave. Coach: Scott Rigtrup

Scottie Rigtrup

Scottie was raised on the water - he has an extensive water sports background, most particularly with slalom skiing competition courses. But it was snow skiing that brought his first opportunity as a professional instructor, starting right out of high school & throughout college.

Now Wakesurfing has redefined Scottie's water sports passion! "There's nothing more exciting or rewarding than helping beginner students feel that first push of the wave or seeing that "ah hah!" look on an experienced surfers face when they break through to the next level! I love being a part of a whole new world opening up to them!" Coach: Cherie Alcox

Cherie Alcox

Born and raised right here in Austin Texas. Cherie enjoys everything Lake Austin has to offer and can often be found either in a boat or behind one. Cherie is a talented wake-skater and passionate wakesurfer. She takes every opportunity to be outdoors with her young family. Her passion for Wakesurfing is obvious in her coaching techniques, and she is super stoked for the 2015 wakesurf season. Coach: Bodie Ostrander

Bodie Ostrander

is .... Coach: Darien Hill

Darien Hill

Born in Louisiana - moved to Austin in 2009. Darien is a watersport enthusiast to the max and enjoys wakeboarding almost as much as he does wakesurfing. Darien enjoys sharing his passion for wakesurfing with everyone.